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The rules; list off
  > ocs that apply and explain how they reflect your own self, be it experiences or traits
  > ocs that were born out of some phase you were going through or who represent a certain emotion that was/is prevalent for you. 
  > ocs that function as a punching bag for you

Tagged by the devil AshleyLeDork 

Talia by silverlotusflowers
Talia: Believe it or not she and I actually have sorta have the same hair cut X'3. To me she represents the internal conflicts I've had with myself of being a good person, but also feeling dark and unworthy of certain things. Boo represents the times when I would mumble and talk to myself to calm myself down since my mother saw me as being "over dramatic" at times to points when I would start losing weight and feeling too sick to eat due to stress, but luckily things have gotten better.

Regan by silverlotusflowers
Regan: I relate to Regan on a creepy level. She finds death and sadness amusing and interesting instead of natural things you feel. They both don't affect either of us. I've even been scolded for not crying at a funeral because I saw no point. They're gone, everybody dies, yeah I miss them, but I wont cry unless I felt emotionally connected. She and I have a dislike for how loud our neighbors are as well X'3.

Candy Jarr: Nancy Colt by silverlotusflowers
Nancy: Oh look a positive OC! I actually joined this group to kinda be funny since I legit work in a candy store XD. I got the idea for her when I wanted to join the group and didn't know what candy to use. Then when I went into work that day my boss told me we were nearly out of rock candy X'3. I don't really like rock candy and prefer pop rocks instead thus what she's based off of. Her name was originally going to be Katy and she had a type of school girl look. But I fell in love with the song Nancy Mulligan and changed her name, as well as her appearance to look more calm and relaxed since she's usually tired she wants to be comfy. But she's based off of my job X'3.

I tag these beans! liebe-jelly , BlueBlueFox 


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